Professional Translation Services vs. Online Translation


Will you seek online help than pay for legal translation services? No matter if you are an individual or running a business, at times, you face the dilemma of getting translations done in foreign languages.

Let us look at some of the options you have at hand to help you out of this situation. There are always locals who claim to be fluent in 'many' languages and can help you out. You can always log on to famous and not so known websites to get the translations done within minutes. There is now offline and online software available at negligible costs to get the job done.

Also, you can explore the web to actually find a legal translation near me and then seek their help. Most of the businesses, individuals, forums, and communities have now understood that they need to engage with someone having expertise in this field.

Are Translation Services Worth the Money vs. Free Online Sources?

Let's find out by comparing the online options with that of legal translation in Abu Dhabi as a test case.

Precision and accuracy

In the medical industry, accuracy and precision are required at even the smallest of steps. Be it a pharmaceutical company or the healthcare department of a hospital. Stakes are always high, with works supporting dissents human lives. The correct word to word translation for the medical industry is required significantly.

Be it the medical history of a patient being transported or results from a clinical research organization, the exactness of any translation material will be a help in saving lives. To uphold this element, most of the translation office Abu Dhabi includes medical professional as well as translators in their teams.

Though when you look for legal translation near me, you will find online services that would have the hype of being free, cheaper, or quicker, but they will never have enough words in their database to cater to this need. Either a professional translator or a medical practitioner would have been engaged to develop their databases, but this combination of two is never there.


It is not always the exact conversion of a word to another word, which is the requirement of a particular document. Business communication is about agility and comfort, especially in the fast-moving metropolis city of Abu Dhabi. It shouldn't be a cumbersome process or task.

When communication is happening with clients or suppliers for business growth, word to word translation can get you in trouble. Linking with the latest exchange of information or referring to the earlier memo, conversation, or letters, a business needs ease of understanding for both sides.

For instance, if the need for a sentence is not understood in an exchange of letters and is translated loosely, it can create an unnecessary nuisance, thus risking the relationship (and the business). Now, there is no comparison - a human touch is required to understand such context as no computer program can recognize at this level.

Market comprehension

This area is a tricky one for most translation services. As a metropolis, Abu Dhabi is the cultural and economic center of the country. This means that various nationalities are residing and operating in the market of the city.

Legal translation service in the city, like Universal Translation Company, makes it easy for all these nationalities to fulfill their experience of living Abu Dhabi. Beyond from day to day conversations, a company or a business would have to translate its marketing and advertising material in major languages of the city for it to garner customers.

Likewise, customers need answers to their questions in languages that they can understand. Catchy slogans and campaign narratives will not deliver what is expected of a product unless they are able to comprehend what is being stated. This is especially true for the services industry, wherein customers are offered deals, packages, and plans to attract more business, but it will not be fruitful if done without translation.

Online tools compete very closely with legal translation service in Abu Dhabi; however, they will not be updated about the market as a professional would.

Grammar and delivery

Languages like English, Urdu, and Russian have words in them that have multiple meanings. The connotation of a word is dependent on the writer or the occasion it is being used. In translations, this is a tricky area as it requires a complete understanding of the type of the document and also on the language.

For instance, in legal documentation, a particular set of words is used to portray a relationship, an agreement, or the contractual understanding between two parties. During translations, the same has to be portrayed in a manner so that it is legally and contractually beneficial for both sides.

Most of the online tools and software does not recognize legal documentation beyond a certain common list and only pick up the most used meaning of words used. These tools would not look into the deeper connotation of the words used in the context of the document and sometimes distort the entire sentences or so to say the clauses. When faced with such a situation, it is recommended to look for legal translation Abu Dhabi near me and obtain the services of a reliable service provider like Universal Translation Services.

Confidentiality and discretion

This has emerged as a growing concern in the online world of service providers and tools. Most individuals and businesses are affected due to insecure domains and the sharing of information on databases without any contractual bindings.

An individual seeking translation of medical documentation would need these to be kept private and not to be shared beyond trusted medical practitioners. But using online services would not guarantee any of this, and the same documentation can be shared with third-party sources.

Similarly, a business venture seeking to launch a product would keep this discreet until a certain time period. But if the advertising content is being translated from open sources online, nothing is certain that the content would not be leaked into the market, and sometimes to the competitors.

Furthermore, there are times when you search for legal translation in Abu Dhabi near me and find that online tools either leave you with too many options or very little to choose from in terms of finding translations to difficult words. In such a scenario, one would be tempted to use a more open-source database of software or tools, and inadvertently share the material at wrong places.

Safety of data and content is assured by legal translation services in an agreement, so you can rest assured of privacy while getting first-rate translations from Universal Translation Services.

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